Main Crop – Agria (5 or 25 Seed Potatoes)


Maturity:  Approximately 90 – 100 days from planting

Yield:  Very high, you should get plenty to eat

Tuber description: Large sized tubers that are long or oval in shape, the skin is cream and has yellow flesh. Also have shallow eyes.

Eating quality’s: Excellent taste and very suitable for pre-packing and using for French fries, chips, roasting, baking, boiling or mashing. Agria is a great all-rounder for most uses even after long term storage.


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Nearly everyone loves a great spud and why not?……. high in fiber, rich in vitamin B and C, packed with more protein and iron than any other vegetable, potatoes are a key ingredient to nearly everyone’s diet, they are a mountain of fun to grow and it just got easier.

Gone are the days when you are forced to accept a bag of seed potatoes by weight. BulbsDirect have been counting flower bulbs for years, and we thought it was about time that you could have the opportunity to buy a bag of seed potatoes and know exactly how many you are going to take home – regardless of the weight.

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5 bulbs, 25 bulbs