Dutch Iris – Apollo x 10 Bulbs

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10 Bulbs per pack.


A stunning combination of pure white, and rich yellow – Aptly named after the Greek God of Sun and Light.

This variety looks amazing paired with other yellows and purples… You won’t be disappointed with this masterpiece.

Flowering 45-50cm in height.

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Dutch Iris are among the easiest bulbs to grow. Bulbs Direct’s Dutch Iris are renown for their high health, clean, evenness – so you can be assured of success.

Dutch Iris are much valued as a cut flower, and they bloom after most Daffodils and Tulips have finished, making them the perfect addition to your Spring garden. They are very hardy, and each bulb will produce 1 to 2 spikes, with 1-2 flowers per stem.
Dutch Iris prefer a sunny, well drained position, planted 6-8cm deep and 12-15cm apart, in well prepared soil.
Add garden fertilizer when needed, and spray occasionally with Fungicide and Insecticide during the entire growing season.