IMPORTANT: Order and Covid-19 Update

Hey Fellow Gardeners...

Kayne here from the Bulbs Direct Fam - First of all, yes we are still taking orders -these will be dispatched once restrictions are relaxed.

As I am sure you are all aware, the changes to the Covid-19 Alert levels mean that there will be changes to your shipping dates (my apologies about this)... we are awaiting further clarification from the Ministry regarding courier services, and will keep you all updated as and when we know the details. At this stage however, we intend stopping all dispatch for 4 weeks.

Please rest assured, all Bulbs will continue to be stored in our temperature and humidity controlled chillers, making our depot the best place for them to be right now.

Don't forget, none of the Bulbs should be planted yet - they can be happily planted right the way through to late May (we normally plant our unsold goodies even later than this, so there is no need for panic)

If you are trying to make contact with us, my apologies in advance for the delay in responses - as I am sure you can appreciate, we have had a huge spike in emails and phone calls (I'm not the quickest typer in the world... sorry!). I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Please be safe, please be kind, and please keep gardening ;-) 
Thanks a bunch,

Kayne and the rest of the Bulb Fam.

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