IMPORTANT: Order and Covid-19 Update

Hey Fellow Gardeners...

Kayne here from the Bulbs Direct Fam - First of all, yes we are still taking orders. Please note that the last day for Spring Bulb orders will be Saturday 30th May. 

UPDATE AS OF 25/5/2020:

We managed to work our way through 180 orders today (Monday) - We are now caught up to the backlog, and all new orders will be dispatched within a day or 2.

We would like to thank you all for your patience and support as we navigate our way through this.

You will also notice a delay on courier times - the courier network are swamped with incredible amounts of freight, but are beginning to catch up. They are doing a fantastic job! 


Please be safe, please be kind, and please keep gardening ;-) 
Thanks a bunch,

Kayne and the rest of the Bulb Fam.

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