All current orders are Pre-Orders - check below for expected shipping dates.

  • Orders containing Lilies: If your order contains Lilies only (ie Asiatic/Oriental/Trumpet/Xmas Lilies) these will be dispatched within 3 working days. If your order contains one or more Peony/Summer Bulb, then please note that your entire order will be dispatched once Peonies/Summer Bulbs are ready (see below)
  • Orders containing Peonies: The Peony harvest is unfortunately around 2 weeks behind schedule. The foliage has finally died back enough to harvest, however with the current weather, we are unable to get equipment onto the paddocks -  we expect to be able to have this complete in the second week of August. Dispatching of Peony orders will begin mid/late August, and expect to have all pre-orders complete late August. Our apologies for the delay.
  • Orders containing Garlic/Potatoes only: These have already been harvested, and we expect to dispatch these within 4 working days.

  • Orders containing Garden Accessories only (ie Fert, Hand Cream, Bulb planters etc): These will be dispatched within 3 working days.

  • Orders containing Summer Bulbs (Dahlia, Gladioli, Calla, Begonia, Sonatini, Tuberose, Gloriosa, Sandersonia, Asparagus etc): The harvest of these has begun, and we anticipate this will be completed mid August. Shipping of pre-orders which contain these will start mid August, and will continue through to late September/early October. If your order contains Lilies or Peonies as well as Summer Bulbs, we'll ensure we get your order out sooner to ensure your Lilies/Peonies are planted in good time.


We'll be keeping this page updated throughout the harvest period, so please keep checking back to see updated delivery times.



The Gravatts and the rest of the Bulbs Direct Fam.