All orders are Pre-Orders

We'll be keeping this page updated throughout the harvest period, so please keep checking back to see updated delivery times.

Update as of 04-08-21:

The Lily harvest is now complete (happy dance!) - we began dispatching Lily pre-orders 4 weeks ago, and have now completed all Lily pre-orders (note that this is for orders containing Lilies and Garlic/Shallots only)

If your pre order contains Peonies - the harvest of these were completed just over a week ago, and we have now begun dispatching. We're sending out around 200 orders per day, so we expect to have all orders dispatched by the second week of August... you'll have your goodies in no time :-)

Unfortunately we have had a couple harvest issues with 4 varieties of Peonies, we've emailed everyone who is affected.


If your order contains Asparagus and/or seed Potatoes, then we will begin dispatching your orders late July/early August.



The Gravatts and the rest of the Bulbs Direct Fam.