New orders are expected to be dispatched within 3 days.


It's important to remember that Spring flowering Bulbs shouldn't be planted until around late April (at the earliest!) - we don't start our planting until May, and continue through to early June.



We began shipping pre orders around 9 weeks ago and will continue for the next 2+ weeks.

Thus far, we've dispatched 15,000 pre orders, with another 500 to go.

Expected delivery timeline...

- January pre-orders: These have now been dispatched.

- February pre-orders: These have now been dispatched.

- March pre-orders: These have now been dispatched 

- April pre-orders: These have now been dispatched 

- Early to mid May orders: these will be dispatched by May 21.

- New orders will be dispatched within 3 working days





    The Gravatts, and the rest of the Bulbs Direct Fam.