Anemone – Bi Colour ( 5 to 15 Bulbs )

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An eye catching variety with white flowers and dark centres, ringed in crimson red.

Anemone’s are great value, and incredibly easy to grow. With very little effort, they can reward you with up to 6 months flowering time by stagger planting.
For best results, they should be chilled for 5-6 weeks prior to planting (we’ve already done this for you!), then soaked in fresh running water for 10-12 hours.
Try to avoid high temperatures, as Anemone’s like the soil to be 12-15 degrees for optimum germination.

Anemones provide blooms 6-8cm across in a stunning display of reds, rose, lavender, blue, white, and much more, from early Winter to late Spring- they are highly valued as a cut flower.

Anemones can be planted from January, providing the ground temperatures are reasonably cool. Plant in groups 3-4cm deep, 6-8cm apart in a sunny well drained position.


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5 bulbs, 15 Bulbs