Anemone – Bordeaux ( 5 to 30 Bulbs )


A stunning, New variety – deep red/purple.
These bulbs are larger than usual.

Anemone’s are great value, and incredibly easy to grow. With very little effort, they can reward you with up to 6 months flowering time by stagger planting.
For best results, they should be chilled for 5-6 weeks prior to planting (we’ve already done this for you!), then soaked in fresh running water for 10-12 hours.
Try to avoid high temperatures, as Anemone’s like the soil to be 12-15 degrees for optimum germination.

Anemones provide blooms 6-8cm across in a stunning display of reds, rose, lavender, blue, white, and much more, from early Winter to late Spring- they are highly valued as a cut flower.

Anemones can be planted from January, providing the ground temperatures are reasonably cool. Plant in groups 3-4cm deep, 6-8cm apart in a sunny well drained position.


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