Fritillaria Imperialis – Mahler x 1 Bulb


1 Fritillarias Bulb per pack.

Slightly brighter orange than the Beethoven variety – A very unusual, spectacular variety.

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Fritillaria Bulbs are closely related to Lilium – Fritillaria would have to be one of the more unusual, yet incredibly attractive Spring bulbs available.

Although they prefer a cooler climate, they will naturalize well in a cooler, semi-shaded position in warmer areas.

Plant them split side up, 4-6cm deep and 8-10cm apart. Water immediately after planting, but do not allow to become water logged. A light dressing of our Bulb Fertilizer in late October each year, will encourage a better flowering the following year.

Ideal planting is March through to April, but can be planted as late as June! Leave them undisturbed for years.