Fritillaria – Meleagris x 3 Bulbs (Snakes Head)


3 Fritillaria bulbs per pack.

This very unusual variety has checkered patterns covering the blooms, which strangely enough can sometimes be pure white, and sometimes be purple in colour. Its an absolute stunning variety, that is a must for all gardens!

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Fritillaria Bulbs are closely related to Lilium – Fritillaria would have to be one of the more unusual, yet incredibly attractive Spring bulbs available.

Although they prefer a cooler climate, they will naturalize well in a cooler, semi-shaded position in warmer areas.

Plant them split side up, 4-6cm deep and 8-10cm apart. Water immediately after planting, but do not allow to become water logged. A light dressing of our Bulb Fertilizer in late October each year, will encourage a better flowering the following year.

Ideal planting is March through to April, but can be planted as late as June! Leave them undisturbed for years.