Gladioli Nanus – Mixed ( 15 to 100 Bulbs )

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A beautiful, random, hand selected mix.


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Gladioli Nanus, also known as the ‘Painted Ladies’ are lovely, Spring flowering, Miniature Gladioli, which display their stunning blooms in late Spring.
Each wiry arching stem bears several 6-8cm blooms, and grow up to 70cm tall.

Gladioli Nanus make an excellent cut flower, and are incredibly easy to grow in any sunny, well drained position.

Plant in well worked soil, 5-7cm deep, in clumps 10-15cm apart. Spray occasionally during the entire growing season with insecticide and fungicide to help control unwanted pests and diseases such as rust and Thrips.

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15 Bulbs, 50 bulbs, 100 Bulbs