Ornithogalum Thyrsodies ( 5 to 100 Bulbs )



It is also known by the common names of chinkerinchee or chincherinchee, star-of-Bethlehem or wonder-flower.

Incredibly easy to grow, and gives you an amazing display – great cut flowers too.


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Lovely “Chincherinchees” are very free flowering, easy to grow, and make a great cut flower. Ornithogalum are native of South Africa and love a warm sunny spot in the garden that is free draining. They produce long strong stems with up to 30 florets per stem. Their soft, green, fleshy foliage make them lovely in the garden and growing as high as 50 cm they make a great cut flower. Best planted 4-6cm apart and 4-6 cm deep.

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5 bulbs, 20 bulbs, 100 Bulbs