Main Crop – Cristina (5 or 25 Seed Potatoes)


Maturity:  Approximately 90 – 100 days from planting

Yield:  Reasonably high, you should get plenty to eat

Tuber description: Oval with attractive red skin and white flesh. Shallow eyes.

Eating quality’s: Excellent multi purpose potato. Similar to Red Rascall  – great for baking mashing and boiling etc. Use Cristina to add colour to your platter with thier red skin and for superb results when roasting and baking for your Sunday meal!


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Nearly everyone loves a great spud and why not?……. high in fiber, rich in vitamin B and C, packed with more protein and iron than any other vegetable, potatoes are a key ingredient to nearly everyone’s diet, they are a mountain of fun to grow and it just got easier.

Gone are the days when you are forced to accept a bag of seed potatoes by weight. BulbsDirect have been counting flower bulbs for years, and we thought it was about time that you could have the opportunity to buy a bag of seed potatoes and know exactly how many you are going to take home – regardless of the weight.

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5 bulbs, 25 bulbs