Natural soil Insecticide/fungicide – Sea-Hume Granules 1kg


Eco friendly and safe for food crops – Combat those soil borne pests!

Base of bentonite clay; impregnated with 300ppm active Neem (containing no Aflotoxins), Seaweed amino’s and Humates. It has a granule consistency of coarse sand.

Kills insects such as; narcissus fly, carrot fly, mealy bug, pyslid, guava & codlin moth etc etc


  • Insect repellant
  • Fungistatic
  • Nemostatic
  • Bio stimulant for good root growth
  • Plant and soil conditioner

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Why Bentonite Clay?...

A light application of the clay powder will do wonders for the blooms, mix into the topsoil with compost during the offseason to prepare the bed for spring planting. Bentonite clay provides 60-70 trace minerals. Enzymes from the plants break down the minerals for root absorption.


Add the Sea-Hume granules to soil, Potting Mix, or any rooting medium prior to planting.

Recommended Rates:

  • 25grams per potted plant
  • 50-200grams per tree
  • 50-80grams per m2 for broadcast