Begonia – Cascade Mix (3, 12 or 30 Bulbs)


3 Mixed Cascade Begonia’s per pack.

Cascades are an all time favourite…. absolutely perfect for hanging baskets, they will cascade down, and create a real talking point! Lovely.


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Cascade mixed Begonias are simply stunning. Planted in hanging baskets or tall pots only, their giant flowers, on long trailing arms, make a dazzling display. They produce medium to large blooms with leafy tall foliage and are very hardy and easy to grow. A rewarding plant, they prefer a sunny or partly shaded spot. Begonias are just as easily grown indoors as out, and will produce masses of colour with very little effort.  Tip: Pluck off any single flowers to encourage the large double flowers to come. These plants are available anytime from August – December and can be planted right through to the end of December.
Begonia’s are best left out of the soil in a warm spot, ideally in good sunlight where they will sprout and start growing slowly. Once the shoots are 2-3 cm long they should be planted 4-5 cm deep in well worked soil. Do not allow to dry out and keep in mind that Begonias are frost sensitive so be sure to plant after the frosts have passed.

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3 bulbs, 12 Bulbs, 30 bulbs