*EXCLUSIVE* Tiger Lily – Splendens (1 to 10 Bulbs)

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Bright and showy, these stunning tiger Lilies are a must have!
Their reflexing petals make for quite an unusual addition to the garden – flowering prolifically on 1 to 1.2m stems.


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Tigrinum Splendens (also known as Tiger Lilies) have bright orange flowers with stunning black or crimson spots, giving the appearance of a Tiger.

They are renown for their beauty and hardiness. They are incredibly vigorous and are incredibly popular. 


Oriental Lilies are a favourite among many, huge blooms in red, pink, and white, these giant flowered Oriental Lilies produce 12-20cm blooms on strong stems 80-120cm high. An outstanding cut flower, they will grow well in most areas of the garden but prefer a sunny well drained position.
Plant lily bulbs 8-10cm deep, 15-20 cm apart, in well worked soil. If drainage is a problem, plant shallower and mound soil over the bulb. A good dressing of fertilizer is recommended each Spring. To prevent aphid and occasional fungi attacks, spray new growth every 2-3 weeks with a recommended fungicide/insecticide. These free flowering plants can be left undisturbed for years. For best results year after year feed with our Bulb Food. Tip: snap off old flowers or seed pods to encourage healthy bulb growth.

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