• 120-150cm

  • 5-10cm

  • Part Shade

1 $4.99 $4.99/bulb
3 $14.25 $4.75/bulb
10 $42.50 $4.25/bulb
100 $395.00 $3.95/bulb
Total Price $10.00

Gloriosa Rothschildiana, also known as the Climbing Flame lily, is a Georgeous Tropical lily that will climb up anything you put in front of it! Its beautiful flowers will begin popping out in December (earlier in Warm climates), and will stay out for a month or longer.
Gloriosa like to climb up fences, plants, stakes, or anything you want really- they will reach around 1m in height.

Each Tuber will send up 2 growing points, and will have up to 30 flowers each point…. these are a stunning addition to any garden!

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