Environmental Care

Here at Bulbs Direct HQ, we're pretty darn passionate about our environment - from our inception we decided to buck the trend, and go plastic free... 

Environmental Packaging:

Plastic bags covered in photos are pretty... we'll give you that... but what's the point?  we figured paper bags were where we should be, and that's where we are.

Every year we send out hundreds of thousands of fully compostable paper bags, fully compostable boxes, and fully compostable re-used newspaper (thanks Steve the Postie) - pop them in the compost bin, use them under your mulch, or feed the worms... the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of being pretty darn passionate... we're also pretty darn excited about what's to come - currently the packaging tape we use are the only uncompostable items used to send your goodies... this is about to change! Fully compostable, fully recyclable "tape" is coming your way soon! 

Our Environment:

We're fortunate enough to be located in the beauuuuuutiful Kaipara and Whangarei regions - Our Kaipara location is surrounded by incredibly stunning fresh water streams - protection, and of course betterment are easily one of the most important parts of what we do.

Since purchasing the property several years ago, we've boosted Native plants by many thousands - we're constantly adding to our Native Bush.

We're passionate - Please be passionate with us!