Calla Lily Growing Guide

Callas are amazing in pots for adding colour to your Patio, conservatory, or simply to spruce up the garden! You should plant your Calla bulbs from September on-wards (if planting straight into the garden), however it is possible to plant earlier if potted up in a nice warm sunny spot. Plant your bulbs 5-10cm deep, and at least 10 cm apart in free draining soil. Callas like semi-shade to full sun, so hunt out that perfect sunny spot where all can see!. We recommend sprinkling a handful of general purpose low nitrogen fertilizer after planting, to really pamper those blooms! A layer of Sawdust over the top wouldnt go a-miss, and will keep the weeds suppressed, as well as helping to keep the soil temperature constant. These beautiful bulbs will flower this summer, and will look spectacular. If we suddenly get a cold snap, flowering may be reduced, but don't panic... next year they'll be back in full force! Watering is always a must with bulbs, and once every few days will be plenty. ENJOY!!

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