Growing Hippeastrum in Pots

Growing Hippeastrum in pots

  1. Pot bulb into any size container into which it will fit - providing it has drainage holes
  2. Choose a brand name potting mix (ph 6.0 to 7.0). It should contain no tree bark or fresh manure
  3. Hold bulb over the pot so the roots hang into the pot
  4. Fill in around bulb with medium
  5. Firm down so no air pockets remain
  6. The nose of the bulb should be above the pots rim with its shoulders protruding above the soil surface
  7. After planting water well and firm down soil again. Be careful not to damage plant roots or bulb Place potted bulb in a light warm position at room temperature
  8. As first flora stems lengthen, rotate pot a half turn every day to help stop the stem growing towards the strongest source of light
  9. Do not over water
  10. Feed occasionally with a bulb fertiliser
  11. When flowering has finished and foliage is drying down, place the bulb and pot on its side in a cool, dry place
  12. Allow the bulb a well earned rest without food or water for 3 months
  13. Afterwards remove the old foliage, wash bulb and repeat from the start again, or place in the garden to flower again in Spring

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