Ipheion Planting Guide

This pretty, dainty, bulbous plant can be found growing in the wild in South America. Surprisingly, its winter hardiness is good. Ipheion is not widely cultivated and thus not commonly used.

Like so many other bulbous plants, Ipheion cannot tolerate wet soil. Naturalization is possible, but one drawback is that the plant's grassy leaves emerge before the winter season and then freeze. This has no negative effect on flowering. The shape of the flowers is unique: two wreaths of three petals join to create a star shape. 'Wisley Blue' has deep-violet flowers.

Ipheions would generally be planted in full sun, but fortunately also flourish under light deciduous shade, provided they are allowed sufficient space.

Attractive companion Bulbs are varieties like Muscari, Iris Reticulata’s, Snowflakes and Scillas, planted in drifts to provide complementary form and colour in springtime.

Ipheion Planting guide…

  • Site your Ipheions in an area that gets full sun, or part shade.
  • Ensure that the soil is free draining, and if not, we recommend building up the height of the bed.
  • Loosen soil to a depth of 15cm, and mix in some Bulb Food.
  • Plant your Ipheion Bulbs around 5-7cm deep.
  • Water occasionally, ensuring that the soil is moist, but not too wet.

Ipheions will bulk up over a few years of growth, so we recommend leaving them to naturalize… you’ll have a stunning display for years to come.

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