Ixia Planting Guide

Ixia Bulbs are perfect for New Zealand’s hot climates, but can be grown in most areas if planted under roof overhangs to restrict water, while still allowing the full sun conditions.

Ixia, along with a vast range of other Spring flowering Bulbs are Native to South Africa.

Ixia’s grow from small corms, much like those of crocuses, sometimes with slightly raised centers.

Ixias are best planted in groups, in borders, or containers for the greatest visual impact - they make fantastic cut flowers.

Ixia’s should be planted in sheltered areas of the garden to avoid the flowers toppling over.

Ixia planting guide

  • Ixia’s do well in pot’s or straight into the garden. They require somewhere hot and dry...full sun, and free draining soils. Potting mix will work perfectly if you wish to pot them up, just remembering that potting mix dries out quickly, so an occasional watering is needed.
  • Once you’ve found a nice sunny spot in the garden (preferably protected from too much wind), loosen the soil to a depth of at least 15cm. Mix in some of our Bulb Food, or a general purpose fertilizer.
  • Plant your Ixia Bulbs (corms) with the pointy side facing up, to a depth of 4-5cm.
  • Water initially to get them started, and keep the soil mildy moist throughout their growth period. Avoid over watering. Usually, if they’re in the ground, they won’t need a lot of watering, as our Winter will take care of that for you.

Ixia’s make for a stunningly beautiful cut flower - if you’re wanting to bring them inside for all to admire, you should cut the stems in the morning, ensuring there’s at least 10cm left on the plant.

Cutting flowers in the early mornings will generally prolong their vaselife.

After flowering, it’s important to let your Ixia plants die down completely. Let the leaves go brown and dry before you remove them, as this is important for the growth of the corm.

You can leave the corms in the ground for next season, or if you wish to lift the corms, the best time to be doing so is late December/early January.

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