Polygonatum Growing Guide

Polygonatum, more commonly known as Solomon's Seal is a hardy, herbaceous perennial that does best in cool, dappled shade in rich soil. The perfect woodland plant, that looks fantastic alongside Hostas and ferns.

Polygonatum multiflorum, which typically grow to around 75cm in height, form an attractive clump of rich green leaves with delightfully scented creamy white blooms.

Flowering late spring to early summer - both the foliage and blooms make for a stunning addition to the vase!

Polygonatum Planting instructions...

Find yourself a nice spot that has part/full shade

- Loosen the soil to a depth of 30cm, and mix in some well rotted compost, with a wee sprinkling of Bulb Food.

- Plant around 5cm deep, and ensure you leave spacing of around 25cm.

- Keep moist during growing season when rainfall isn’t sufficient. 

Cut back dead foliage and old stems to the ground in Winter. If necessary to move the plant, lift and divide during the Winter months. You should replant it as quickly as possible.

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