Sandersonia Growing Guide

Sandersonia have been around in NZ for many many moons, however it's only recently (much like the beloved Dahlia) have they started re-surging in popularity.

Sandersonia Tubers have been difficult to obtain of late, but we have now expanded our fields to ensure we have plenty to go around!

Sandersonia, also known as the Golden Lily of the Valley, Chinese Lantern, or Golden Bells are Native to South Africa (where most of the worlds beautiful Bulbs originate!) they do relatively well in most parts of NZ.

Sandersonia like free draining soils, mild Summers, and a cool wet Winter.

Sandersonias are a fantastic cut flower variety - nice, tall stems, and a stunning array of bell-like blooms. Fantastic in the Vase, which last up to 3 weeks!


Planting your Sandersonia Tubers...

You should aim to be planting your Sandersonia Tubers early to mid Spring - we would suggest planting around mid to late September for optimal results, but they can happily be planted later. 

- Find a nice sunny spot in your garden with free draining soil. If your soil isn't free draining, it's essential to raise your garden by adding additional soil, or of course plant them into pots! Soil needs to be free draining so that they don't rot over the winter months.

- Loosen the soil to a depth of 20cm, and mix in some of our Bulb Food - just a sprinkling. If you're concerned about bugs, add in a sprinkling of Neem Granules too.

- Plant around 5cm below the surface of the soil, and at least 10cm a part (plant the 2 legged Tuber flat/horizontal)

- Sandersonia do require something to grow up (whether it be a stake, or another plant to lean against), so if you are growing it up a stake, now is a good chance to get that in the ground.

- Feel free to add a layer of untreated sawdust or other mulch - this will act as a weed suppressant, keeps the moisture content up in the soil, and it also helps to keep soil temperatures more constant. All hugely beneficial (nobody likes weeding!)

- Give your planted Sandersonia Tubers a good deep watering to begin with, then just when ever it is required. Once a week should do the trick, but it all depends on your rainfall.


Sandersonia Tubers have only one flowering life, but don't panic, as the Tuber re-produces new Tubers. The Tuber you purchase will die away this coming season, and at least 2 newbies will be produced for next season.


Alrighty... now that you're all clued up, it's time to sit back and await those stunning blooms! they'll appear over the summer Months.


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