Sparaxis Planting Guide

Sparaxis make a stunningly beautiful addition to the garden or patio - their striking colour combinations, strong stems, and swordlike foliage make them a must have.

We recommend planting in groups of 10 or more, to give the most impact.

Native to South Africa, where they are found growing in their thousands around the South Western Cape regions.

Sparaxis enjoy full Sun, and will tolerate dry conditions.

Great in pots or straight into the garden.

Sparaxis planting guide…

  • Find a spot in your garden with free draining soil, full sun, and is relatively protected from the wind.
  • Loosen the soil to a depth of at least 15cm, and add in some Bulb Food. Make sure that the fertilizer is mixed into the soil.
  • Plant your small Sparaxis Bulbs with the pointy side facing upwards, to a depth of 4-5cm. Leaving spaces of at least 5cm.
  • Give your Sparaxis a good watering to kick start them. Sparaxis can handle being fairly dry, so they are a bit of a ‘Plant and forget’ type Bulb.

Sparaxis Bulbs can be left to naturalise in the garden for years, but we’d recommend digging them out every few years when they become congested.

Harvesting of Sparaxis Bulbs should take place in summer (around late December) once the leaves have died down completely. As always, letting the leaves die down is an important part of the growth of next years Bulbs.

Store them in a net bag somewhere cool and dry, then replant them in autumn.

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