The 2019 Spring Bulb season has arrived!

Welcome to our New and improved website! - we hope you enjoy browsing through, and please do let us know your thoughts :-) There's loads more exciting changes to come over the next few Months, so keep checking in.

The Festive season has been and gone - and we hope you have all had a chance to sit back, and enjoy the gardens with friends and Family.

It’s been another fairly hectic Summer season for us here at Bulbs Direct HQ - hundreds of thousands of Flowers went out the door in the last couple of Months, so it’s nice to be able to move back into the Bulb season.

We’ve spent the past few Months working on our exciting new website - it’s even more user-friendly than before, with lots of new features for you to play around with :-) make sure you check out some of the inspirational gardening ideas!

We’re pretty darn excited about our ever increasing range of Spring Bulbs this year - we’ve added a lot more to our list, and there are some real beauties! Every year we expand what we grow and sell, so make sure you keep checking in with us.

Harvesting is near completion, and the Bulbs are looking stunning!

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