Important Summer Bulb Shipping Dates

Update as of 24 September

All Bulbs have now been harvested, cured, graded and processed - we're currently working through a backlog of several thousand pre-orders... this means that all new orders placed are also pre-orders, and won't be dispatched until the end of September.

At this stage, we expect all pre-orders placed prior to 24th September to be dispatched by the end of September - all new orders after this date, should be dispatched in the first week of October.

We're managing to pump out around 200 orders a day at the moment (to date, we've dispatched around 7,000 orders, with another 500 to go), so it shouldn't take us too long to move through them all.


Please remember that your Summer Bulbs shouldn't be planted until late September at the earliest ( we don't begin planting until late October! )

Thanks for your support :-)

The Gravatt's, and the rest of our Bulbs Direct Fam.

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