Growing Hyacinths in glasses...

Planting in Hyacinth glasses…

‘Forcing’ Hyacinth’s by growing them in glass jars is increasingly popular, and fairly straightforward, and is the perfect way of bringing the beautiful fragrance into your home - it’s also a fantastic way of forcing your Hyacinths to flower earlier than usual.

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  • Place a piece of charcoal at the bottom of the jar (this is to prevent algae growth)
  • Fill the jar with water, to just below where the Bulb will sit. It’s important that the Bulb is not touching the water, as this will cause the Bulb to rot.
  • Place the Hyacinth Bulb in the jar (it will sit in the narrow neck of the jar), with the pointy part of the Bulb facing up (and the flatter side of the Bulb facing downwards)
  • Place the Hyacinth jar in your fridge (away from Fruit and vegetables if possible, as these will cause growth issues) for around 8 weeks - topping up the water if necessary.
  • After around 8 weeks of growth, your Hyacinths should have fully developed roots, which take up most of the jar, and the Bulb will likely have a shoot of around 3-4cm. If the roots haven’t fully developed, it’s important to give them another couple of weeks in the fridge.
  • Over the next 3 to 4 weeks, gradually move the Hyacinth Jar into stronger lit, warmer areas of the house. Too much light and warmth at this stage of growth can cause your Hyacinth to grow too rapidly, giving you a flimsy flower stem.
  • After around 5 weeks, your Hyacinth will be in full flower, spreading it’s fragrance around your home. Ensure that it’s not in full sun, or getting too hot, as this will shorten the vaselife.
  • After flowering, we recommend planting your Bulb into the garden. It will take a couple of seasons for the Bulb to recover from it’s forced flowering, so we recommend leaving it a couple of years before being able to do this all over again.

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