Welcome to Bulbs Direct- NZ’s Premium online flower bulb store.
Bulbs Direct is a tight knit family owned and operated business growing and supplying home gardeners with the best quality flowering bulbs year round. We have bulbs available for every season.

Here at Bulbs Direct, we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality, highest yielding flower bulbs on the market, at the best prices. Bulbs Direct is owned by the Gravatt Family, who have been commercial bulb growers and exporters for many many Moons. The Gravatt’s have three main Production sites. The processing hub of the business, is based in Paparoa, New Zealand, a small country town, surrounded by native bush, and fresh water streams. The Bulb and Flower Growing operations are situated in Waipu and Ruakaka. Both Waipu and Ruakaka are Quiet Seaside Towns, possessing deep black, sandy peat – ideal for producing large, healthy, rounded Tubers.

We hope you enjoy our website!

Kayne Gravatt
Grower | Manager

Kayne is the mover, shaker, digger and planter of Bulbs Direct.  Kayne has a passion for all things Bulbs...  breeding new and exciting varieties certainly keeps him out of trouble. As the Manager, and next generation down in the Bulbs Direct Family, he loves being able to finally boss Mum and Dad around.

Jean Gravatt
Customer Service Manager

Jean is our go to phone and email extraordinaire - she loves a good chat! If you're having problems, Jean's the lady to solve them!

Wayne Gravatt
Grower | Production Manager

Wayne is the Production planner of BulbsDirect, he manages the day to day growing operations, and can usually be found out in the fields tending to the bulbs. Wayne's been growing Bulbs for many, MANY Moons.

Wendy Gardiner
Packhouse Ninja

Wendy is the backbone of the packing team....Wendy ensures all of those beautiful bulbs are picked, packed, and dispatched in record time! Wendy has a passion for all things Horticulture... what Wendy doesn't know about Horticulture aint worth knowing 😉

Judy Brown
Bulb Grading Pro

Judy is our Bulb grading extraordinaire! Judy makes sure all of our Bulbs are in tip top condition before we send them out... if they aren't up to Judy's standards, they aren't sent. Simple as that.  Judy's been with the Bulbs Direct Fam since we began - we're lucky to have her.


Brockie the dog
Head of Security

Brockie is one of our most important members of staff. He's incredibly vigilant - there is no food heading past this place without us knowing about it. Brockie can usually be found lying on his bed, supervising the team from afar. Brockies role doesn't vary much.

Casey Gravatt
Grower in the making

Casey is our Bulb grower in the making... Casey is the boss of Brockie, making Casey the most important member of staff.