Cream Beauty

*Available January through to April*
  • 7-10cm

  • 8-10cm

  • Part Shade

Another award winner - Cream Beauty Crocuses with their delightful fragrance, is a fantastic addition to the Spring garden... perfect in post, or mass planting around trees.

Crocus Chrysanthus 'Cream Beauty' is considered one of the best spring flowering crocuses

These stunning Specie Crocus originate from Greece, and flower to perfection in cold Winter districts.
Ideally these should be planted in bold clumps, under large deciduous trees, or in a cold shady nook in a rockery garden.
Crocus Specie bulbs are the first flowers to pop up, reminding us that Spring is on its way!

Plant Crocus bulbs in well worked soil, 5-8cm deep and 8-10cm apart. We recommend leaving undisturbed for years.

Crocuses flower to perfection in cold Winter districts, but are incredibly hardy, and do well across the country. They do well in shady, and damp areas of the garden.

Their dainty wee blooms are the first herald of Spring.

The smaller of the Crocuses (the Specie Crocus) flower around 7-9cm in height, whilst their slightly larger cousin, the Giant Crocus, flower up to 14cm.

For a full overview of how to plant Crocus visit our Gardeners Guide.

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