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Hyacinth Growing Glass


How to grow successfully in our purpose made glasses...

Firstly, add water up to, but not touching the bottom of the bulb - keep the water about 1/2 a cm below the Bulb. Bulbs sitting in water are prone to rot.

Place the bulb and jar in a cool, dark area until the root system is well developed and growth from the top has begun. Do not store these in a refrigerator with fruit. The reason for this is that as fruit and vegetables ripen, they release gasses, which can damage the flowers.

Keep in your coolest area for 10 weeks. Add water periodically, always keeping the level of water close to the base of the bulb.

When the shoots are about 3-5cm tall and the roots extends to the bottom of the glass,move the jar to a warmer area. Over the next week, gradually move your jars into a sunny window.

Well done - You'll now have scented stunners to enjoy indoors!

Hyacinth bulbs are easily grown in pots, or in the garden – their delightful scent heralds that Spring has finally arrived!

Plant in a Sunny, well drained position – raise the beds if the soil is heavy or wet, and place the bulbs 8-10cm apart, 8-10cm deep.

For a full overview of how to plant Hyacinths visit our Gardeners Guide.


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