Seed Potatoes

Rua (Late Crop)

5 $3.95 $0.79/bulb
25 $14.75 $0.59/bulb
Total Price $10.00

Maturity:  Approximately  120 - 140 days from planting

Yield:  High

Tuber description: A short oval shapped potato with smooth yellow skin and shallow eyes and white flesh. Grows well in most soil conditions and stores well.

Eating quality’s:  Lovely taste, particually when used for roasting and boiling. Also good for french fries.


Nearly everyone loves a great spud and why not?....... high in fiber, rich in vitamin B and C, packed with more protein and iron than any other vegetable, potatoes are a key ingredient to nearly everyone's diet, they are a mountain of fun to grow and it just got easier.

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