Paeony Patio


  • 50-60cm

  • 3-5cm

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

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Deep pink fragrant semi-double blooms with a yellow centre. Dark green compact foliage on very sturdy stems. A prolific bloomer, excellent for containers.

Part of the Patio series, these are bred to be short in stature, but incredibly floriferous.

50-60cm tall - flowering mid season


Paeonies (Peonies) are the true garden Aristocrats - these incredible plants are always strong in demand. Their GIANT, luscious blooms, and lovely foliage make them a real head turner in any garden. Paeonies thrive in frosty, cold areas, and are incredibly drought tolerant during the Summer months - in fact, it's recommended not to water these during the Summer! Paeonies do best in places situated South of Taupo, however with care (for instance dumping ice on their roots during the growth period) can be grown in the North.

Peonies: Pure Elegance!

Paeonies (Peonies) are surprisingly easy to grow given the correct growing conditions.

Being planted in the correct location and given a little attention, most Peonies will grow profusely in the same spot for many many years, and will become a focal point of your gardens.

They thrive in frosty cold areas, and require some cold to flower successfully. Ideally requiring at least 3 frosts a year. They are also incredibly drought tolerant through the summer.

For a full overview of how to plant Peonies visit our Gardeners Guide.

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