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Blue Lupins/Mustard/Grain Mix


A mixture of everything... all the goodness in one bag!


Mustard is a fast growing green manure crop which has a similar affect to mulching. Mustard improves soil structure, adds plenty of organic matter, provides fertility and micro-organism activity. Mustard will also help with the prevention of wire worm.

Blue Lupins:

Blue Lupins are a great weed suppressant, Nitrogen fixer, nutrient booster and perfect for adding organic matter to your soil. Their long tap roots are fantastic at aerating heavier soils, and help to bring nutrients up to the garden level. Lupins also possess biofumigant properties. As beautiful as their flowers are, if you're growing them as a green cover crop, you need to cut them back before they flower (although we like to keep a few flowering, cos' why not?!)

Barley, Oats and Wheat:

All three of these green crops have the same benefit when added to your soil individually. They add protein to your soil and improve soil structure. Not only are these fantastic at suppressing weeds when growing, but studies have shown that residues left on the soil surface may chemically suppress weed growth, and act as a physical barrier to new weeds.

Sold in bags of 100grams, 250grams, 500grams and 1kg.

Growing 'Green Crops' or 'Cover Crops' through the year is a fantastic way of fixing your soil - Lupins, Mustard, Barley, Oats and Wheat are all super easy to grow, and super beneficial. Your soil will love you for it!

Green crops increase the number of beneficial organisms in the soil, improve soil fertility and control weeds. Areas of a garden that would otherwise be bare over the winter months can be put to work creating the perfect soil for your next crop of veges or blooms.

For a full overview of how to fix your soil using our green crops visit our Gardeners Guide.

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