Pink Charm

*Available January through to April*
  • 40-50cm

  • 8-10cm

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

The multi award winning Pink Charm Daffodil is quite the charmer!

Beautiful ivory-white petals surrounding a delightful coral cup - fairly impressive 9cm wide blooms!

Daffodils are among the showiest and easiest to grow of Spring flowering bulbs.
Available in an incredible array of colours and shapes, they are ideal for the Spring flower garden.

Prepare the soil deeply, mixing in compost, or our Bulb Fertilizer, preferably in a sunny, free draining position.
Daffodil bulbs are best planted in bold clumps, 8-10cm deep and 10-15cm apart.
If drainage is a problem, plant shallower, and mound 7-10cm of soil over the bulbs.

Daffodils are amongĀ the showiest andĀ easiest to grow ofĀ Spring floweringĀ bulbs. Available inĀ an incredible arrayĀ of colours andĀ shapes, they areĀ ideal for the Spring flower garden.Ā 

Prepare the soilĀ deeply, mixing inĀ compost, or ourĀ Bulb Fertilizer, preferably in aĀ sunny, free drainingĀ position.

DaffodilĀ bulbs are bestĀ planted in bold clumps, 8-10cmĀ deep and 10-15cmĀ apart.

If drainageĀ is a problem, plantĀ shallower, andĀ mound 7-10cm ofĀ soil over the bulbs.

For a full overview of how to plantĀ DaffodilsĀ visit ourĀ Gardeners Guide.

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