*Available May through to July*

Kakanui Garlic Bulbs -  Kakanui is a stunning NZ Heirloom, softneck variety of Garlic. Great disease resistance, great at storing, and will perform and produce very well in most areas.

Kakanui has lovely flavour with a softer burn,  leading to an aggressive strong flavour - a great all round variety, but is particularly delicious in Pesto's.

Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow...  it will thrive, and give you plenty of delicious meals if given the basics - food, water and plenty of sun. 

Garlic is packed full of goodness, both health properties and intense flavour! what more could you ask for?

The best time to be planting Garlic cloves is mid May through to late July.

Garlic are hungry wee things, so preparing your soil is very important - dig in some sheep pellets, well rotted compost, and other goodies such as general purpose fertilizer and Lime, well before planting. You want your soil smelling nice and earthy.

For a full overview of how to plant Garlic visit our Gardeners Guide.

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