Amaryllis Belladonna (Naked Ladies) Planting Guide

Belladonna Lilies, or 'Naked Ladies' as they are more commonly known, are a hardy, Summer flowering Bulb native to South Africa.

The term Naked Ladies comes from the behavior of the plant, which sends up greenery in late Autumn, eventually dying back to nothing by the latter part of spring. Then when late Summer hits, the plant sprouts a stem without leaves with a big impressive flower at the end of it. The stem without leaves is where the designation "naked lady" comes from.

Amaryllis Belladonna's love the sun and can be planted almost anywhere with well-draining soil, as long as they can soak in those rays!


Planting Guide...

  • Loosen your soil to a depth of around 20cm. Plant your Bulbs with the pointed tip upwards, ensuring that around 1/3 of the neck of the Bulb remains exposed to the air. In other words, don't completely cover it up.
  • Naked ladies tend to do better when planted in groups, so we recommend planting a minimum of three bulbs, allowing them to touch one another. Clusters of these look absolutely stunning!
  • Water after being planted, getting the soil damp but not soggy. Amaryllis don't mind moisture, but as with most plants, they won't do well if they get too wet!


Ideally, you should leave your Bulbs to multiply up on their own - no need to lift these Bulbs! let them do their thing.

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