Clivia Planting Guide

Clivia - one of our absolute faves! Whether you grow them in beds or pots, clivias are among the most versatile, hardy and beautiful plants you can include in your landscape.

Given the right position they’ll reward you with luxuriant foliage and blooms with a minimum of care.

Clivias need to be planted away from direct sun - they are perfect for underneath trees, or anywhere shaded that needs some colour!

Being evergreen, they look fantastic all year round.

  • Clivias are incredibly easy to grow,  but their position is vital. Early morning sun or dappled shade is best, with protection from midday and afternoon sun. Clivias planted out in the open will become scorched and unsightly on the first hot sunny day.
  • In colder climates, Clivia will generally need protection from frosts... The far-reaching canopy of a deciduous tree over the top your Clivia patch will work a treat in preventing frost damage.
  • Clivia will eventually clump up into a much larger plant, so we recommend spacing them to be at least 30cm a part.
  • Plant your Clivia into nice free draining soil, with some added organic matter to give it a boost (loosen the soil to a depth of around 20cm, and plant so that the roots are below the surface of the soil)

Planting Clivia in pots:

Potted Clivia are a perfect way of adding colour to a shady courtyard or patio.
In pots and containers, Clivia like to be root bound...they like to be left undisturbed for many years. 
Do not over-water them when in pots, nor have them sitting in saucers of water, as their fleshy roots can rot if they are over saturated.
A bit of tough love seems to work with Clivia!

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