Rain Lily Planting Guide

Rain Lily growing guide...

Rain Lilies (Zephyranthes) can be planted any time of the year – the most common variety being Candida, are a stunning evergreen variety, that are perfect in borders, and look particularly stunning planted in mass. Their modern appearance, add an attractive addition to any garden.

Candida Rain Lilies are one of the smaller of the Zephyranthes, flowering to around 15cm in height - planted in clumps, they make for a spectacular sight once in flower.

Other varieties of Rain Lilies that are available through Bulbs Direct, include the taller white - Drummondii, which grows to an astounding 30-40cm, a beautiful light yellow variety - Primulina, which flowers to around 20-30cm, the striking bright yellow variety -  Flavissima, flowering on a 10-20cm stem, and several beautiful pinks.

Rain lilies do best in well-drained soils, in full sun or part shade, but require frequent watering to perform to their best.

Rain Lily planting guide...

- Plant your Bulbs about 2.5cm deep with the greenery above the surface of the soil. Rain lilies look great in clumps, so we suggest planting them in groups of 5. The closer they are planted, the sooner you will achieve your mass-planted look.

It’s essential to keep your Bulbs watered over the Summer period (particularly if just planted) – a nice deep watering once a week would suffice.

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