Tritonia Growing Guide

Tritonia, also known as Flame Freesias, are a lovely frost and drought hardy Spring flowering Bulb. 

Tritonia are hardy plants that have tall rod-shaped stems that jut upwards from their green strappy foliage and are covered in tiny flowers that open from the top of the stem first and work their way down to the bottom.

They are similar in form to a Freesia, but without the scent - making it a great choice if you find Freesias overpowering.


  • Tritonia prefer to be planted in full sun, 8-10cm apart with the bulb at a depth of 5cm. They require free draining soil.
  • Before planting, loosen the soil to a depth of at least 15cm, and mix in some Bulb food.
  • Push the Bulb into the soil (pointy side up), to a depth of around 5cm.
  • Give them a nice deep watering to begin with, but don't start watering regularly until the grassy shoots appear above the soil. 

Once flower season has been, & upon the leaves turning brown, watering can be stopped.

These corms prefer a relatively dry soil whilst dormant.

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