Sonatini Growing Guide

Sonatini are bred for their elegance, hardiness, and their ability to produce a stunning display of blooms.

Amaryllis Sonatini, also known as the Hippeastrum, are a hardy outdoor Amaryllis that will produce at least two stems per bulb.

They are fantastic in pots, or directly into the garden. Sonatini Hippeastrums were developed by Dutch breeders using hardy species of the same family. They are more compact than traditional Hippeastrums, growing 30-40cm high and 10-15cm across, but have just as much, if not more flower power.

 Sonatini planting instructions...

  • If you're wanting to plant directly into the garden-  plant bulbs in a Sunny position with well-drained soil. Mix in a good sprinkling of fertilizer, or decayed animal manure (Leave the top ⅓ of each bulb protruding above the soil)
  • For potting, plant at the same depth. Choose a pot large enough to allow a minimum of 3-4cm of soil around the bulb, with the nose of the bulb protruding from the top of the pot. A 15cm pot should be big enough.

Planted in full sunlight, they should flower in approximately 4-5 weeks. If they are budding up too quickly for your desired flowering time (e.g. you're wanting a Christmas display) then pop your pot in a cooler position. Same deal goes in reverse, if flowering appears too slow, place in a warmer position with more sunlight.


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