Kayne's Top Picks for Lily Season

The Lily harvest is well underway (which must mean we're due for some more rain πŸ™ƒ) and yes... that means pre-orders are now open 😍😍😍

We're super excited about our extended range of luscious NZ grown Lilies, and can't wait for you to sneak a few into your gardens - everything from the old school Christmas Lilies, to the modern-day Orientals and Asiatics - Miniatures perfect for pots, or towering Lilies for the fence-line, there truly is a Lily variety for everyone!

My top 3 picks...

Some of my all time faves - if you only have space in your garden for one or two additions this season... you can't go past these!

Double Fantasy Lilies
Double the petals for double the beauty! - delightfully scented Oriental Lily.

Regale Xmas Lilies
Our most popular Xmas Lily - hardy, scented, large and luxurious!

Accolade Oriental Lily
Impressive pollen-free blooms with a divine fragrance. Very strong stems.

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