Kayne's Top Picks for Spring 2024

I'm super excited about our offering this Spring 2024 season - our most extensive collection to date! Let's jump straight into it...

Stunning Daffodil Picks

Daffodils have always held a special place in my heart, and this collection introduces some breathtaking new varieties. These daffodils are gorgeous, from the classic trumpet-shaped blooms to the unique double-flowered varieties.

Ice King - Daffodil Double

Double the petals for double the beauty! Ice King Daffodils have stunning frilly inners in white and cream, while the prominent outer petals are pure white. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer softer shades!

ice king daffodil bulb

Cum Laude - Daffodil Split Corona

Delightfully ruffled Apricot blooms! Daffodil 'Cum Laude' is a particularly showy daffodil with large, ruffled petals. It produces split cup blooms in shades of apricot, white and yellow.

cum laude daffodil bulb

Watch Up - Daffodil Trumpet

Heavenly scented greenish-white blooms. Sweetly scented, this upward-facing beauty has large, 12cm wide, greenish-white flowers and a funnel-shaped trumpet that opens yellow and matures to pure white.

watch up daffodil bulb

Tulips I Think Will Be A Hit This Season

Tulips, with their graceful petals and stunning hues, are the epitome of timeless garden elegance. In this collection, I've included a range of classic and contemporary tulip varieties. From the traditional single-flowered tulips to the peony and parrot varieties. Perfect in the garden, pots and my favourite - as cut flowers.

First Class Tulip

A beautiful soft pink and white tulip. Tulip First Class is a favourite for gardeners due to its long-lasting flowers on sturdy stems.

first class tulip bulb

Kickstart Tulip Peony

The petals of this showy, double tulip are a pale pink shade with lilac tones. The fully double flowers are peony-like, petal-packed and luxurious.

kick start tulip bulb

Purple Sky Tulip Peony

Wow, wow, wow. Purple Sky Tulips are an early flowering double - they are one of our new faves!

purple sky tulip bulb

Marvel Parrot Tulip

A brand new addition to our collection, large plump buds unfurl to reveal frilly, ruffled pink petals streaked with green. These stunning blooms sit proudly atop sturdy stems.

marvel parrot tulip bulb

Here at Bulbs Direct, we're proud to bring our biggest (and best, I think) flower bulb collection to our customers. Again, thank you all for supporting our wee family business!

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