Lilies, Peonies, and Seed Potatoes! Time to get planning that Summer garden

With the Spring Bulb season over for another year, we're now all hard at it, harvesting our stunning range of Lilies and Peonies - as always, we're incredibly excited by the increase in varieties on offer this season.

We've got everything from the old school Christmas Lilies, to the modern-day Orientals and Asiatics - Miniatures perfect for pots, or towering Lilies for the fence-line, there truly is a Lily variety for everyone!

Our Peony collection has changed a bit from last year - we have some newbies, as well as some oldies returning. Like Dahlias (more on this shortly) Peonies seem to be moving up the popularity list fairly quick...from struggling to sell a hundred or so a few years back, to now selling thousands, and struggling to keep up! It's fantastic being able to see all of your gardens flourishing with these garden Aristocrats.

If you are looking to get that vege garden sorted, make sure you head online and check out our edibles range - we have 19 varieties of Seed Potatoes (a variety for every occasion), as well as Garlic and Shallots - in July, we'll also have a few varieties of Asparagus, so make sure you keep checking in.

Lastly, just a reminder that next up on our season Calendar are the much anticipated Dahlias (yes, Dahlias!!) - these will all be available to order from mid July, along with our stunning selection of other Summer Bulbs.

Thanks and Happy Gardening,

The Bulbs Direct Fam
(Kayne, Jean, Wayne, Wendy, Judy, Casey, and Brockie the Dog)

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