Spring Bulbs are here...

It's that time of the year again (believe it or not!) - Spring Bulb season has begun!

We've had a fairly frantic Summer period up here in the Winterless North - Flower season has kept us all on our toes, with around 200,000 stems heading out the door to florists dotted across the globe... we now turn our attention to the Spring Bulb harvest!

We're super excited about the incredible range of goodies available this season - hundreds of varieties to choose from, including a large selection of brand spankin' new varieties! ( our favourite newbies this season would have to be those Keith Hammett Belladonna Lilies! stunning )
Along with the vast range of new varieties on offer, we've also managed to knock down the prices of a good portion of Bulbs - make sure you check out our Bargain Barrow! You'll find loads of your favourites at hugely discounted prices (Tulips from 50cents a Bulb, Daffodils from 55cents.. the list goes on!)

Thanks for an incredible 2019 - Your support throughout has been immense.

Thanks and Happy Gardening,

The Bulbs Direct Fam
(Kayne, Jean, Wayne, Wendy, Judy, Casey, and Brockie the Dog)

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