Calla Mixed

*Available May through to July*
  • 50-60cm

  • 5-10cm

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

A stunning selection of Calla Lilies - hand mixed, and sure to please!

We grow in excess of 200 different Calla Lily varieties, and pride ourselves on creating the best mixes around.

Zantedeschia are commonly known as Calla Lilies. Established in clumps in the garden provide a wonderful display during early summer. They can also be grown in pots on the patio and are much valued as a cut flower.


Note, this is a random mix - it may or may not contain the varieties seen in the photo.

Callas are amazing in pots for adding colour to your Patio, conservatory, or simply to spruce up the garden!

You should plant your Calla bulbs from September on-wards (if planting straight into the garden), however it is possible to plant earlier if potted up in a nice warm sunny spot.

Plant your bulbs 5-10cm deep, and at least 10 cm apart in free draining soil.

Callas like semi-shade to full sun, so hunt out that perfect sunny spot where all can see!.

We recommend sprinkling a handful of general purpose low nitrogen fertilizer after planting, to really pamper those blooms!

For a full overview of how to plant Calla Lilies visit our Gardeners Guide.

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