Butterfly Mixed

*Available August through to December*
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  • 120-140cm

  • 8-10cm

  • Full Sun

A stunning selection of mixed mini Gladi's all in one bag.

Butterfly Gladioli are a shorter, sturdier version of the Giant varieties - flowering to around 60cm in height (as apposed to 1.1-1.4m)

Developed from a cross between winter and summer hybrids, butterfly gladioli are hardier than some other varieties, and can be left in the ground in areas with milder winters, or dug out and stored in autumn in harsher climates. Shorter than the tall gladioli, butterfly glads also produce smaller blooms!

Gladioli are back in vogue! not only do they look spectacular, but they're super simple to grow - and the ideal cutflower (long lasting, and impressively tall strong stems!)

Gladioli (or Gladiolus, depending on who you're talking to) are known by a raft of other names... Sword Lilies, Glads, Gladi's to name a few.

All of Bulbs Directs Gladioli are grown, processed, graded and cured to export quality.

Gladioli (Gladiolus), also known as 'Sword Lilies', or 'Gladys', are a stunning Summer flowering variety that produces tall slender stems ranging from 80 – 120 cm high. 

Hybridizing over the past decade has given us a huge array of striking colour combinations, which make a real statement in the garden!

All Bulbs Direct's Gladioli are grown, processed, graded and cured to export quality.

Gladioli Bulbs are available from August and can be planted right through to December.

For a full overview of how to plant Gladioli visit our Gardeners Guide.

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