Dahlia Cactus


*Available August through to December*
  • 90-110cm

  • 5-10cm

  • Full Sun

Kennemerland Dahlias are named after one of the most beautiful national parks in Holland.

This beauty has to do a lot to live up to its namesake, but this one metre stunner, when it’s covered in bright and cheerful cactus-style blooms, certainly does!.

The long petals have the typical cactus dahlia tubular spikes as a background to the tight centre ball of petals. 

A fantastic cutflower variety.

- The best time to plant Dahlias here in NZ is September or October, but can be planted anytime from mid August through to late December.

- Dahlias love sun ,so choose a nice sunny spot in your garden. Ideally a spot that gets at least 4 hours of full sun a day.

- Dahlias will grow in almost any soil, but prefer well drained loamy soil conditions.

- Prepare the ground a few weeks before planting by digging over the soil thoroughly and adding a little well rotted compost and an application of general fertiliser.

- Before planting the tubers, apply stakes (for larger varieties) staking after planting damages roots and tubers.

- Plant your Dahlia tubers about 5-10cm deep and about 50cm apart with the eye facing upwards. Water well and keep moist being careful not to over-water.

For a full overview of how to plant Dahlias visit our Gardeners Guide.

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