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Eco Fibre Pot Packs


Eco Fibre Pots are an excellent organic growing solution for home gardeners. The pots are 100% biodegradable and made of wood fibre. Certified organic and peat free make them an outstanding choice.
Feedback from gardeners who use Eco Fibre Pots report a faster cultivation, an excellent root system and no root disturbance because the pot is planted directly into the soil.

  • No root coiling, stimulates secondary root growth
  • Permeable to the air, water and roots
  • No more plastic waste
  • Available in various pack sizes: square & round



What are Eco Fibre Pots?
Eco Fibre pots are an innovative seedling pot that is made from 100% biodegradable wood fibre and are certified organic and peat free. Many competing products still have glues and binders, so are not entirely biodegradable.

Benefits of Eco Fibre Pots Vs Plastic Pot
The best feature of an eco fibre pot is the ability to start your seedlings in the pots and then plant them directly into the ground (no need to de-pot) and zero root disturbance. This also saves time and effort in the garden.

We are getting excellent reports from home gardeners who use Eco Fibre Pots. Evidence has shown a faster cultivation period than with plastic pots and an excellent root system (again, because there is no root disruption). There is also no root coiling, and the clever pot environment stimulates secondary root growth.


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