Marshmallow Mix

  • 10-15cm

  • 8-10cm

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

10 $20.00 $2.00/bulb
20 $37.80 $1.89/bulb
100 $170.00 $1.70/bulb
Total Price $10.00

A delicious mix of Pink and white Hyacinths - 50% Pink, 50% White.

Hyacinth bulbs are the very essence of Spring. The lovely, strong scented trusses are a welcome sight after the long Winter.


Hyacinth bulbs are easily grown in pots, or in the garden – their delightful scent heralds that Spring has finally arrived!

Plant in a Sunny, well drained position – raise the beds if the soil is heavy or wet, and place the bulbs 8-10cm apart, 8-10cm deep.

For a full overview of how to plant Hyacinths visit our Gardeners Guide.


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