Dahlia Decorative

Melody Fanfare

  • 40-50cm

  • 5-10cm

  • Full Sun

1 $5.50 $5.50/bulb
3 $15.75 $5.25/bulb
5 $25.50 $5.10/bulb
10 $49.90 $4.99/bulb
Total Price $10.00

This compact plant sports mauve flowers that are up to 14cm wide. Sturdy stems mean they are excellent as cut flowers. Vigorous and long lasting colour.

The perfect addition to your summer patio - great in pots and containers.

- The best time to plant Dahlias here in NZ is September or October, but can be planted anytime from mid August through to late December.

- Dahlias love sun ,so choose a nice sunny spot in your garden. Ideally a spot that gets at least 4 hours of full sun a day.

- Dahlias will grow in almost any soil, but prefer well drained loamy soil conditions.

- Prepare the ground a few weeks before planting by digging over the soil thoroughly and adding a little well rotted compost and an application of general fertiliser.

- Before planting the tubers, apply stakes (for larger varieties) staking after planting damages roots and tubers.

- Plant your Dahlia tubers about 5-10cm deep and about 50cm apart with the eye facing upwards. Water well and keep moist being careful not to over-water.

For a full overview of how to plant Dahlias visit our Gardeners Guide.

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